Yellowstone: The Final Chapter

Well folks the summer is over. The fall equinox is next week and we’re but busting our butts back in school. We’ve got one final video to share with you of Yellowstone National Park! Before we show that, let us say that we did in fact have the best summer ever. For this, we’d like to thank everyone who made it possible. From the folks back at headquarters, to the families throughout the parks, thank you! Also, let us not forget our own friends and families too!
Here is the final video from Team Mountain

We hope you enjoyed everything we had to share this summer, because we enjoyed sharing it!
Get out to those parks!
For the entire photo gallery of Yellowstone, check out the Flickr page!

Peace and love,

Jack & Eric
Team Mountain 2010

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Following the Migration Corridor with the NPCA

One of our main missions while in Yellowstone was to meet up with our National Parks Conservation Association affiliates from the area. So after some phone tag, we did! We met up with Joe and Sarah from the local NPCA office in Gardiner, MT early one morning.
We saw these young elk hanging out right outside the park!
Kissy Elks
Joe explained he wanted to take a hike along the Pronghorn Antelope’s migration path. We left my car in Gardiner and cruised up the Blacktail Trailhead. We documented most of the hike. Check it out!

Fun stuff!
For all the photos of our hike check out the Flickr page!

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The NPCA Preserves the Migration Corridor

While in Yellowstone we took a long day hike with Sarah and Joe from the local National Parks Conservation Association office in Bozeman. 12 or so miles with no trails!
Let Joe explain a little of what they do!

Since we were so far off the beaten path we saw some awesome sights. Like a lake with no name!? I think it should be Team Mountain Lake….just a thought
The lake with no name
Unnamed lake
Joe and Sarah were loving the Team Mountain life. Here they are playing Louis and Clark along the migration corridor!
Joe and Sarah on the lookout
Louis and Clark? Nope, Joe and Sarah!
Heck of a hike! We even sumitted Mt. Everts!
Jack hanging out on top of Mt. Everts
Jack hangin out at the peak Mt. Everts
We’ve got some other great shots of this hike that you’ll have to wait and see!
If you’re really antsy Check out the Flickrpage!

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Electroshock Fishing Explained

So a few weeks ago we posted a blog about Glacier National Park. In the video we accompanied a friend of ours volunteering to help save Bull Trout within the park by catching them and tagging them to be monitored.

We caught up with Jason afterwards to get a quick word. Here is the story of electro-fishing.

For all the pictures from our Glacier adventure check out the flickr page!

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Great Grand Glacier

We had soooo much fun in Glacier National Park. It is hard to put in to words so we made an awesome video! We did some volunteer work to help save endagered bull trout! A little method known as electro-fishing. We got to ride 4 wheelers out to a little secret entrance to the backcountry. It was super intense due to recent rains raising the water levels. It was flowing about 5 times as fast as usual! Check it out!

Check out the pictures on Flickr!

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Family Action in Glacier

We decided to take a little different approach when meeting families in Glacier National Park. Instead of the classic pose in front of a landmark, we decided to search for some action. Another out of the ordinary bit to our Glacier adventure was the caravan we drove up with!

Our first two nights we camped with 20 of our close friends from around Montana!
Check out the Caravan!
Here is Part of the Crew after a morning of camping at St. Mary’s
The Crew

On to the families! We met the Seelos while taking a swim one day. The water in this glacial run off was freezing!
Heres the boys horsing around with dad!
The Seelos Boys playing with Dad

Later that day we hiked down from Gunsight trailhead to a little waterfall. We ran into the Buck family hiking passed. They were really excited to watch Eric jump in.
Heres a shot of the Bucks hiking passed the falls
Buck Family Hiking!

Lastly, before we set out on the kayaks, we snagged a family photo of three kayakers all in a row!
Beautiful photo
3 in a row kayaking family!

Check out the Flickr set for more great photos!

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Kickin’ it in Grand Teton

Grand Teton National Park is not only our new favorite national park but others as well! Even when the weather goes sour, everyone is loving the grandeur of those peaks.

As we left for our Lower Saddle camping adventure, we met a crew of folks who had just returned from a few nights in the bush. They looked tired and dirty but were very excited when we shared some granola! Replenished, they shared a few words with our camera. Check it out!

On the way up we also ran into a party of climbers who had decided to turn back due to weather (smarter than us). We engaged in some trail talk, which is common on our hikes. Trail talk is the small talk you make when passing others on the trail: “Hows it goin?”, “Where ya headin?”, “Where’d you guys camp?”, things of that sort. Anyway, one of guys in this group of climbers goes to Montana State and works at one of the local pizza places! He was so stoked to meet some fellow bobcats, we had to snap a photo with him.
Heres Eric and our fellow Bobcat Pat!
Eric and our fellow Bobcat, Pat

A few days earlier we drove to the summit of Signal Moutain. The road up there is very skinny and windy, it was nerve racking. We got a great view from up there! You can see all of Jackson and the Tetons too!
Sweet pan from atop Signal Mountain
Pan from Signal Mountain
We also met a nice family up there too! They were glad to make a blog appearance!
Family affair!
The Hendersons on Mt Signal

For more check out our Flickrpage!

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People of the Badlands

Lots of people at every outlook of the Badlands. The only trouble is everyone is distracted taking pictures of the awesome landscape!

We met this Father/Son duo at the Conata Basin overlook
Father/Son adventure!

Further down the road, at the fossil exhibit, we met a the dunlap family from the great state of Ohio!
The Dunlaps!

On the way back from the far side of the park, we scored an interview with the Pinot’s, from Wisconsin!

Check out the rest of our footage from Badlands on our Flickr page!

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Camping at 11,600 feet. That’s Team Mountain

After the Grand Teton had been staring us in the face for nearly a week we decided to do something about it. We got a backcountry permit at the Jenny Lake ranger station for the site with the most altitude. This site is the Lower Saddle, which lies between the Middle and Grand Tetons. We would start our ascent from Lupine Meadows trailhead at an elevation of roughly 6000 feet.
Of course we documented the trip, check it out!

As far as wildlife we saw a nice big black bear munching some berries, and even a Bobcat!
Pat, a fellow Bobcat at MSU!
Eric and our fellow Bobcat, Pat

As you can see in the video, weather was against us. 3 storms in one day!? Come on….. It did clear for a second though!
Jack with the Lower Saddle in sight!
Rain Cleared we can see it now

Thankfully the weather cooperated on the way down. We actually got to enjoy some sights in Garnet Canyon!
Here is Spalding Falls. Beautiful glacial run off waterfall!
Spalding Falls and the Middle Teton

More photos of Grand Teton coming soon! Keep checking our Flickr page!

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Grand Teton Backcountry: Round 1

Here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for…..Team Mountain’s first video of the Grand Tetons!!
Read on, below and check it out!

Our first night of backcountry in Grand Teton National Park was a nice mellow trip to Phelps Lake. It is roughly 2 miles in to this beautiful lake next to Death Canyon. Its a great place to hike to and cool off at a nice sandy beach.

Unfortunetly for us, there were some spotty rain showers in the area on the day of our hike. The plus side to a little rain is a glassy lake for sunset.
Check out Jack at Sundown on Phelps Lake!
Epic Sundown at Phelps Lake

We noticed that rock he’s standing on looked pretty darn jumpable, so we decided to take a leap the next morning.

Here is our camp at Phelps Lake
Camp at Phelps Lake
A great shot of Death Canyon in the AM
Death Canyon

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